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SD Devil Gundam Phase Shift Mode

This time I want to share about my SD Devil Gundam which I bought long time ago. You know that I love Devil Gundam and still trying to find much more for my collection. Feel free to see my post related to this such as Mobile fighter Devil Gundam and MSIA Devil Gundam Review. In the past I decided to keep my SD devil mint in box until I get the new one. Then a years ago I got the other MIB and continue to keep it safe in my store case. But I was really curious to build it out of the box, and finally I choose to make it.

SD Devil Gundam

The first thing in my mind was to assemble it and do the seam line removal. But It was hard to do since this is my first time doing this. Well I am a collector but I want to try to be a modeller with the first simple thing to do, to paint my Gundam model kit. I started to assemble and try to remove the seam line with using a Mr. CementS from Mr. Hobby as the glue. After those part dry enough I started using sand paper to remove the seam line but I failed, Not all part was done successfully.

SD Devil Gundam

I started to think that I am still a noob at this job and continue to clean all part by washing with soap. The next day I was ready to do the painting, for the first time I did not use Tamiya Spray can or Mr. hobby spray can, it was just a pylox. Well you can say prices will not lie to you, after all I screwed my model kit Gundam with the result using pylox. The part surface were too thick and a little bit rough, maybe this is pylox result and me as the newbie to do the painting job.

SD Devil Gundam

I tried to sand and paint it again but the result is the same, it really makes me down and abandon my SD Devil Gundam for a month until now. You can see for the blue, red, and white, part was still in primer state. I did not finish this kit for some reason, maybe this form was better for me. I shown this to a friend and he said this look liked in phase shift mode, well I couldn't agree more after all it was right. That is why I choose SD Devil Gundam Phase Shift Mode for the title.

SD Devil Gundam

In the end I was relieved with my work eventhough it was failed, because I learned from my mistakes and will try again someday. I still need another MIB to be painted, because I must keep the MIB one in my Devil Gundam Collecton. This is my little sharing plus a review and hope that you will like it, please stay tuned with Toys and Hobbies with another new post.


Keep trying bro! I made mistakes too when it come to Gunpla and still like my finished kit even though they ain't perfect. Like them as long as they come from my effort and dedication.

thanks bro, your word give me some motivation too :D
love our collections and our works.

Ah I remember my first few attempts at seamline removal haha..its was horrendous! Practice makes perfect so don't get too down on your first attempt ^^

thanks for the motivation bro :)
all modeller maybe feel the same at the first time, practice makes perfect

ah I see you really love This guy ^^ how about the MSIA you have to also ?

yees, I love everything about Devil Gundam :D

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