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Figma Robocop

The Figma series has been selected as one of the favourite action figures line lately. Such as my latest post about Figma Kamen Rider series : Figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, it was a great developed by Max Factory to got the licensed of this series. We know that Figma usually made the character based on anime such as my latest post Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Ver. from Evangelion series. Although this is not a fresh news, but it is still in pre order state, Toys and Hobbies present a little prewiew about Figma Robocop.

Figma Robocop

From the 80's famous sci-fi action film series ‘Robocop’, the Omni Corporation’s Cyborg Police officer. It is a lone fighter who fight against crime with unmatchable power. Now he will continue his fight with us in the form of action figures. Now you can see some pictures of Robocop prototype which means the final product might be different.

Figma Robocop

The Figma Robocop look fascinate in this form, well the joints almost invisible. This is the real robot action figure with a great detail and absolutely poseable. Because Figma still using the smooth poseable joints for this figure. Which mean you can act out a variety of different pose from the movie.

Figma Robocop

It comes with a replaceable ‘damaged’ head Sculpted by Masaki Asai for a different appearance. Of course the weapon such as gun, the Auto 9, is also included, and features with firing effects to recreate the action from the films. It also features the thigh holster to put his gun in his right hip. And you can't forget his hand dagger that can jack the data of blow the enemy. You will definitely recreate your favorite shoot-out from the scene.

Figma Robocop

I am not sure what are the part in the back of his feet. The Figma Robocop include the poseable figma stand and will stand approximately 155mm in height. The price of this figure will be 3,500 yen in August. But you can start your pre order to get the special price before the release of this Figma action figures. There are so many place to put your pre order such as HLJ, amiami, 1999, and others. Will you joint him to stop the crime ?


berkunjung dgn membawa follow. ditunggu follow back nya. :)

I Like robocop movies, but know my children play this toys awesome dude. n thanks

woow thanks bro, hope your child enjoy this toys :)

already pre-ordered mine! hehe! a childhood hero which i cant resist. And im not worried bout the articulation in him as he practically has none in the movies. LOL

woahh you move fast :D
rite, there no need for an extreme pose when we talked about Robocop.

This is one figure that I would serious consider buying. I like Robocop a lot and have the dvd trilogy. Love the part when he shoot the robber's groin thru the hostage's skirt and the soundtrack of the movie is awesome. I have a figure of Robocop but nothing compare to this.

well done sir, the detail from figma is great so just don't miss it :D

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