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Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Ver.

When I came across some sites to search something good, I found this lovely girl that has been ready in Amazon lately. Maybe I was a little bit to know, but I was realy interested with this figure. Well I am one of Rei Ayanami fans, I realy loves the silent heroine images from this characters. This figure is taken from "Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance", a sekuel from 1.0 You Can (Not) Alone. Max Factory's Figma line of action figures had presents their lovely creation include the silent heroine from the Evangelion movie, Rei Ayanami.

Max Factory has give their best to made this high quality action figure that comes complete with various exchangeable face parts, that make you will have another two face expressions. The Three expressions are included: an expressionless face perfectly suited to Rei, a glaring face for combat scenes and the smiling face that she only showed to the openhearted

How cute of her to be smiling like this, I was hoping the smile was pointed at me LOL. This smile face made Rei-chan has a perfectly action figure to have. Well this ice cold goddess realy touched my heart for the time being. Am I overestimate this figure ? Well I bet you knew it so well than me. As you can see at the picture above, rei-chan was holding the S-DAT player that played an important role in the movie, of course it was also included. S-DAT is a format of Digital Audio Tape developed by Sony.

This Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Ver. stand approximately 14 cm or 5.5 inches tall, non-scale. It is fully pre-painted and ready for show off! The neck has an all new figma joint that features a double joint, that means you can create more unique poses than ever before! Figma gave their best for featuring the smooth poseable joints, that made you can act out a variant of different scenes. The main body of the figma is made with a combination of hard and soft plastics, leaving the feeling of the plugsuit just as it should be.

What is the perfect hit from this figma is their gave you cokcpit seat, a fully modeled Eva unit cockpit seat to pose her in and recreate your favorite moments from the films. The interior of the Entry Plug is also included to recreate your favorite scenes from the cockpit. Various parts in the cockpit such as the seat and control lever are also movable. How fabulous, I can imagine the best scene from the movie are in my hand. To made these various scene functionable, a poseable figma stand is included. To grab this good, you can go to Amazon : Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Ver.


Even though she's a clone, she steal my heart after watching EVA. The vulnerable face and innocent eyes that's more that meets the eyes.

I think we realy identical bro, you and I share almost equal hobby :D

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