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Green Goblin Life Size Bust

Have you ever seen them on the street on your way home at the night ? I hope all of us will not seeing them even though in our dream. Of course we won't, because the three of them are villains from Spider-Man series. The villains was built in the form of bust, Life size bust series from Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics. From the left to the right are Venom Life Size Bust, Green Goblin Life Size Bust, and Carnage Life Size Bust. Those thing are in real scale which mean just like ours, the last post related is Captain America Life Size Bust.

Green Goblin was once a Norman Osborn, a brilliant scientist and industrialist. Because of some tragic accident with Spider-Man drove him over the brink to insanity. He terrorized spidey and the closest family and friends with throwing his pumpkin bombs from his glider on the sky. The Green Goblin has cheated death on many opportunities just like all great villains, he come back again and again to tribulate the life of the unwilling web-slinging hero.

Green Goblin Life Size Bust are snatching the psychotical Norman Osborn as one of Spidey's most fabulous enemy. It is individually painted and finished to fulfilling the standards, of course with its own unique detail and quality which is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The most exciting is this thing was completed with a removable and poseable real fabric hat. The Green Goblin Life Size Bust is a perfect addition to any Spider-Man or Marvel collection!


I will be freak out if I'm to see these sculpt at nite. Man, they look some real. Green Goblin's hat seems made of fabric from the pic.

there's goes same to me too, it was a nightmare to see them at nite >_<
they done a good job to make this thing looks real

I don't grammar either.

@thanks for dropping bro :)

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