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RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0

It's been a while since my last post about Green Goblin Life Size Bust from Sideshow Collectibles. I found the interesting news from Medicom Toy. This is RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto (Rider Form) Ver.2.0 that will be released on September this year. Although the rumors have been spread out lately in many forum. For your information this is the new version of 1/6 Scale Kamen Rider Kabuto. The old one belong to Project BM ( Bandai - Medicom ) and now the ver.2.0 of Kabuto will be released in the line of RAH DX.

RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0

RAH DX is the latest toyline from Real Action Heroes by Medicom Toy. Of course this line comes with an awesome details and design if it is compared with the normal RAH. This is why Medicom need to release the new version of Kabuto because the last one still unperfect. I can't figured what is new from the RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0 because I did not have the old one. From my opinion, the new ones using new developed body from Medicom which make the proportional even better.

RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0

I hope the articulation will be much better than the Project BM had. For the example you can see my latest post about Medicom RAH Kamen Rider Delta for the comparison with this product. Which mean you can do more pose to make a great scene just like in the movies. Well if Medicom want to increase RAH DX toyline popularity, I'm sure they will soon make the new version of Kamen Rider Ichigo and Niigo from Kamen Rider The Next Movies.

RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0

Only wait for what happen next, will they give more reissue from the Project BM line into RAH DX line ? From now on, just enjoy the upcoming of RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0 and set your Pre Order already before you missed the train. The images taken from Gundam Figures : RAH DX Kamen Rider Kabuto Ver.2.0.


These RAH figures are so accurate but the price is a deterrent for budget collectors.

same to me bro, the price is to high but for the 1/6 collectors, they will be fine with this :D

More like back to the basic simple classic design Kamen Rider.

I didn't recognize the changed of this RAH

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