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Medicom RAH Kamen Rider Delta

It's been a while since my last post about Hottoys Captain America The First Avenger. After that I have been busy and not in the mood to post a new post, I was just finished reading manga called Gantz, it was awesome manga anyway. But yesterday I found that Toys and Hobbies was given a Page Rank from Google, woow how surprised I am, really grateful this blog now has PR2 within two months. Now I knew yesterday was the day that google spread their rank on the site or blog. Let's start the new topic from the picture below, Medicom RAH Kamen Rider Delta.

Medicom 1/6 scale RAH Kamen Rider Delta

Right now I would like to give you another review about Kamen Rider Series, this is the first time Toys and Hobbies write a review towards RAH from Medicom Toy. RAH = Real Action Heroes line is a world-renowned series of high-end collector's edition, 1/6th scale action figures. It features one of the most realistic bodies poseable with great articulation, all wrapped in best quality costumes made with the first class materials and workmanship.

Medicom 1/6 scale RAH Kamen Rider Delta

If you still remember with my latest post about S.H.F Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form, I have written a little story about Kamen Rider Faiz series. Indeed, the Kamen Rider Delta is one of the comrade from Kamen Rider Faiz itself. It has use a rider gear to transform with 333 for the input code that made the user become a Delta. But this gear is risky and have some side effects with the user such as mentally unstable and become addiction to using the gear till dies, Only those with a strong will can use Delta gear correctly.

Medicom 1/6 scale RAH Kamen Rider Delta

The Medicom RAH Kamen Rider Delta only use his gun as a weapon beside his punch and kick attack. He had more power and speed than the Faiz and Kaixa, but less functional. It's deficiency any sort of close and long range weaponry. Medicom Toy give their best shot with the detail of this 1/6 scale action figure. The detail on the costume was superb from my newbie opinion based on the final photo product. But the short legs from Medicom Toy still bothering me, I hope they soon develop new body type for the future product.

Medicom 1/6 scale RAH Kamen Rider Delta

From the picture above you can tell the three of them were matched together, so you need to buy all of them to make a pose like that. The Medicom 1/6 scale RAH Kamen Rider Delta is an awesome action figure, those photos was taken from GG. If you want to see more pictures, just visit Kamen Rider GG.


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Glad to hear that your blog is so well received within a short time. I bet your followers from the past had remain loyal. BTW, the white lines on character look even more defined with the contrasting black. Nice.

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