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Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figure

From one of the Marvel Heroes the great Captain America from the Captain America: The First Avenger movie! Gentle Giant sculpt! The attention to detail synonymous with the Marvel Select line continues with Captain America! It is Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figure that will be one of marvel collectibles you should buy.

From A Diamond Select Release ! Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios ! and from the best-selling Marvel Select line is proud to add another of the Marvel movie franchises to its lineup ! This time the movie Captain America, The First Avenger makes its Marvel Select debut! Based on the likeness of actor Chris Evans from the blockbuster movie, this movie - accurate Captain America action figure includes Marvel Select's standard 16 points of articulation. that means you can pose him such the legendary act from the Movie.

As an added bonus, the action figure comes packaged with part of a display stand that can be combined with the base from the Red Skull movie figure (sold separately) to form a diorama, recreating a key scene from the movie!

This diamond select toys Captain America Action Figure will be available on July 2011. Do not hesitate to grab this figure because you will loose the chance to buy it if you take too long hesitant. You can grab another Marvel Select Captain America Action Figure from Amazon site for your collection.


uda kunjungan balik, syukron atas kunjungan Anda :-)

wah sama2 mb',, thanks dah kunjung balik dan komen :)

This looks like a WWII version of Captain America before he got deep frozen. I will be looking forward to the next line of of Marvel hero.

for me,, the movie costume looks more real and modern,, still wait for the movie :)

This figure looks spot on! when compared to the movie trailer for reference. How tall is this fig actually? a 12"?

well this costume is more realistic for me,, sure bro,, next will coming up :p

I just watched the trailer of this movie.I really like this trailer.Captain America is my favorite super hero all time.Now I am really excited that I will able to see him in a big screen.I am eagerly waiting for this movie.I hope it will break all previous records of Super hero's movie.So lets hope for the best.You also can Download Captain America The First Avenger Movie here.

same here sir,, we all hope for the best for this movie,,
all we can do is wait and watched it :D
thanks for the drop

The movie is mostly just about Captain America taking down Red Skull, until a heartstring-pulling ending that sets up The Avengers. All in all, it was a great summer popcorn flick, and a real star-making vehicle for Chris Evans. Marvel has done a great job in casting all of the Avengers, and it's one more movie I can't wait for next summer. Great job

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