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D-Arts Mega Man X Action Figure

It's been so long I do not see this character from Capcom nowadays, maybe you can still seeing it while playing it's game. But I found his presense in the form of action figure, it is Mega Man or it called Rockman for Japan version. It has been over 15 years of history the Mega Man series continues to take part with all fans entire different platforms. Now he has comeback and take part under D-Arts toyline series from Bandai. It called D-Arts Mega Man X Action Figure.

D-Arts Mega Man X Action Figure

The D-Arts Mega Man X action figure stand approximately 12.5 cm or along 5", with the weights about 0.7 pounds. It is made from ABS, PVC, and POM materials. The Mega Man X action figure features detail enhancement and color scheme that you can see from the pictures. The Mega Man comes with a full array of x buster parts, including rotating effect parts for various postures. It also includes two interchangeable face parts, of course with the interchangeable hand and arm parts too.

D-Arts Mega Man X Action Figure

The D-Arts series is full of articulation, it is almost the same with S.H. Figuarts toyline such as : S.H.F Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form and S.H.F Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Combo from my latest post. It was not just the kind of figure that just stands around anymore, you can actually pose him due to the multiple joints of movement. It is cool especially for the fans of Mega Man all around the world. This action figure has been released and of course many collectors grab this thing without hesitant too.

D-Arts Mega Man X Action Figure

You can easily find this toys in almost all toys store especially HLJ, amiami, play-asia, and many more. But I suggest you to grab it through Amazon site with the cheapest and easiest way for the transaction. Just simply follow this link to view the product : Mega Man X DArts 5 Inch Action Figure Mega Man X.


I like the game a lot and the action figure like this bring out the real character from the game. Rockman or Megaman. I also saw the model kit of Rockman @ hobbyshop the other day. Wish to buy but I have put my budget for other toys.

wooah me too sir,, especially for megaman legend on PlayStation.
maybe next time you get there with new budget for the model kit too :D

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