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'Back in Black' Spider-Man Legendary Scale Bust

Tired enough to wait for the 4th Spider-man movies that will be launch next year ? And for those who regreted not be able to see again Tobey Maguire as the Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4 ? Well that can not be help because it will soon happen. For me, it doesn't mater because I just love the Spidey itself, the other things is just a complement. I love every spidey's costumes because each costume symbolize differences from himself. Black spidey is hot,, how do you thing ? it contain no stripes and ornament, it is nor blue either red, it is black... 'back in black' that is the series of Spider-man figures in the bust form. I remembered that I had posted about 'Back in Black' Spider-Man statue in my other blog by the following years. Now the figure is in the bust form. Here is the sumary and backstory from Sideshow Toy.

Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics proudly present the latest addition to the Marvel Legendary Scale Bust series: Spider-Man 'Back in Black'. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Capturing the arachnid superhero perfectly, the Spider-Man 'Back in Black' Legendary Scale Bust is a perfect addition to any Spider-Man or Marvel collection!

After the death of over 600 civilians during a botched reality show featuring heroes tracking down villains, the government enacted the Superhero Registration Act. This law divided the heroes across the United States, forcing them to choose to support the law or to fight it. Two heroes embodied the extremes, as Iron Man took control of the Pro-Registration camp, while Captain America chose to lead the Anti-Registration camp. Under Iron Man's guidance, Peter Parker made the decision to make his identity public, and registered himself.

Peter Parker soon regretted the decision, realizing the danger his friends and loved ones were now in and seeing the prospect of having to capture his renegade friends in the now Civil War of the superpower community. After seeing a prison for the unregistered superhumans, he fled Avengers Tower with his family, clashing with Iron Man during his exit. A major battle and a jailbreak at the unregistered prison lead to the end-all battle of the Civil War, and Spider-Man remained a member of the unsanctioned Avengers team in the aftermath. But the damage had already been done, with Spider-Man's identity public knowledge. The Kingpin commissioned a sniper to kill Peter Parker's family, and though Mary Jane was spared, Aunt May was left in a coma on the verge of death. Spider-Man resumed wearing his black cloth costume, reflective of the dark times while his Aunt May was precariously close to death.

visit  Sideshow Toys and Back in Black Spider-Man - Marvel Legendary Scale Bust Exclusive by Sideshow Collectibles for further information about the figure.


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