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Mobile Fighter Devil Gundam

Here is some review about the figure of MSIA Devil Gundam which I bought from Mr. Dennis a few years ago. Actually I've forgotten exactly when I first bought this toy, I love this toy when I received it because Mr. Dennis properly cared for this figure in one piece. I am very happy because finally get the Devil Gundam which I wanted so badly. Moreover, this figure is still in a state of MIB = Mint in Box, I really do not want to open it to remember how rare this gundam because it was no longer produced.

But, finally I was tempted to open and view the contents inside the box, even since buying it I never know what things is in it. although the form of a figure already explained outside the box, I am still curious to open it. Eventually the seal is open, the contents of this box is the Devil Gundam figure in the form of mobile armor equipped with an additional leg in the form of mobile fighter, also the manual paper too. The most surprising is the weight of this action figure itself is very heavy for a plastic figure. unfortunately there are no metal elements in here LOL.

MSIA Devil Gundam Box

At this opportunity I do not just try everything and take his picture, I just tried to take photos of Devil Gundam that in the form of mobile fighter, it has a body like the other gundam. But this form is not proportional, probably because the devil gundam was more suited to the shape of his mobile armor that uses a lot of foot and tentacle as it appears on the box.

MSIA Devil Gundam mobile fighter is in the house. : p
you would agree that this form is not proportional. Many factors that cause it, one of the factor is a big shoulder is not suitable for short legs. His hands also look longer and bigger than his feet. I think mobile armor form is the most suitable for this Devil Gundam.

This figures is very detail, panel lines on the entire body make this toy looks very cool in its class. But there are some linning that do not look neat, but it can be cleaned by using a zippo or thinner for hobby. I'm lazy to clean it. one more defects in this toys is on the V fin which is almost broken, I am confused how to fix it.

Well This is my first review on this blog, I hope you like it and be my first visitor to read and comment. I have write a new post about the second review, you can check it here : MSIA Devil Gundam Review


Nice new blog there yea. ^^

thanks man,, hope to see u again here :)

man, instead writing the reviews, u better put more pictures so I can get the 'picture' of it in my mind :D

I will give another photo shots about this figure,, thanks for dropping :D

Glad to see you start afresh with this new blog. Thx for the link and sorry to hear about the defect. You could probably use plastic cement on the V-fin.

hi bro... nice to see you again ^^
it's absolutely not your fault,, I don't know why, but the same defect has happened with my MSIA Devil Gundam Last Version too..

yo ku rasa cam nak beli kau punya.Kalau boleh offer RM berapa?I feel like buying your toy(in fact action figure).If can RM how much?

hello,, I am really sorry, my devil gundam is not on the sale right now :)

I wont sale it with cheap prize, at least it will cost US$100 and it is loose without box right now. why don't you try to find it anyway ?

and please visit my new blog,
this one isn't update

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