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Formania RX-93 Nu Gundam

A Gundam is a gundam. if we talk about gundam, there are so many types and series of gundam. but if we talk about gundam figure, there are more types and series of the Gundam itself, such as my latest post about Mobile Fighter Devil Gundam. one of the many figures of the Gundam series that's really cool is Formania series. In order to oppose Char Aznable, the reviver of the NEO Zeon armada, the hero of the one-year war, Capt. Amuro Ray created a Gundam that could only be used by NEW TYPE." So says the packaging of Formania's RX-93 Nu Gundam.
Formania is an entirely new collectors line of display models that will place an emphasis on form, design, and detail, bringing an all new aesthitic to mecha collectibles. Using ABS, PVC, and metal composite to emphasize realism while protraying a unique artistic design that will appeal not only to Gundam fans, but to any robot character collector.

let's see how amazing this figure

The RX-93 Nu Gundam is one of the most breathtaking Gundam product releases ever. With a mechanical design that represents a merger of the Gundam world and reality, the fade-out from the mobile suit bust to the mechanical frame stand portrays a finished look that is both superbly real and expressionistic. It include a movable head, shoulders, backpack, pedestal base, cylinders, and an openable cockpit hatch. 

If possible, I will buy toy with Formania MSN-04 Sazabi too. Probably will take a long time to make it but while I was still on the road of Gundam, I would definitely to buy it. This figure was released last year, so many people have made ​​a review about this Formania, you can see the Toymaker Blog for example.


This is one bust that's more than meets the eye. The details, the metal composite and moreover it's a Gundam!

I like your style bro :D

a definite get if it were not cause of its price tag. for now... ^^

lets hope it the price will drop soon enough ^^

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