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Formania MSN-04 Sazabi

The "Formania RX-93 Nu Gundam" posted by Toys and Hobbies for all Bandai Collectors especialy for gundam freak has caused a real sales mania. This bust-up model features superior quality and delicate texture, plus high mobility throughout the entire model, giving it very great playable value beyond display purpose, which explains its unprecedented sales record. Any collector lucky enough to obtain one would be stunned by its high entertainment value. And the next Formania bust-up hit has been planned as Char, Char Aznable's final mobile suit "Sazabi"! The notable features including the pilot chamber at the head and the back cannon gears both have mobile mechanism, and highly detailed surface. It makes a perfect display match with the first Formania RX-93 Nu Gundam, and for all "Char's counterattack" fans, this is quite a surprise beyond rapture.

A little story about it. When the presumed-dead Char Aznable made a surprise reappearance in the early UC 0090s, many surviving Zeon remnants and spacenoid civilians still desiring independence from the Earth Federation welcomed him with open arms. Thus, a second Neo Zeon movement was started at the colony of Sweetwater, with Char as its leader. A new revolution against the Federation was now brewing, and as the new Neo Zeon military began building its forces, Char commissioned his engineers to design him a custom mobile suit to take advantage of his Newtype abilities and superb piloting skills.

This design was the MSN-04 Sazabi, and it was constructed by the Luna-based contractor Anaheim Electronics. Despite its large size and heavy armor, the Sazabi was equipped with enough thrusters and verniers to make it extremely maneuverable compared to mass-produced frontline mobile suits. It was equipped with a relatively high-output generator, but most of its power was used to fire its abdomen-mounted mega particle gun, whose beam was wide enough and powerful enough to destroy several mobile suits with a single shot. The Sazabi's armament was rounded out by a pair of beam sabers, a large shield carrying three missiles and a large, hand-carried beam tomahawk, and a beam shotrifle, which operated like a beam rifle version of a shotgun.

A hybrid of artistic display and robot collectable, Formania is an entirely new collectors line of display models that will place an emphasis on form, design, and detail, bringing an all new aesthitic to mecha collectables. Using ABS, PVC, and metal composite to emphasize realism while protraying a unique artistic design that will appeal not only to Gundam fans, but to any robot character collector. Char's Sazabi Formania display model stands 17cm high and features ABS, Diecast, and PVC materials. Includes worker mini-MS and engineering instructions.

The Formania MSN-04 Sazabi is manufactured by Tamashii Nations. The perfect match for your Formania RX-93 Nu Gundam, this toys will make your room more complete. It offers high details such as the Sazabi head can be lifted open to reveal the inner components of the head, chest, shoulder. The funnels were made in great details and can open up to reveal the inner metal components. A mini maintenance MS is also a nice addition to the main display. If you more interested with this bust, you can visit Amazon to grab Bandai Formania V Gundam MSN-04 Sazabi Neo Zeon for real.


Gundam ya? saya selalu salut dengan pemilik hobbie ini. Butuh ketelitian dan kerajian yang luar biasa. Anyways, nice blog gan. thanks dah mampir

yup bener gundam sis :)
hehe bisa skalian ngelatih ketelitian jg walau mahal T T
thanks komennya

This must weigh a ton! The only Sazabi I have is a 12" DX version. Bandai should concern producing full scale Formania

whoaaa, I can't imagine how crazy the full scale formania if it come to reality >_<

Di Indonesia ada yg jual gak y... Tolong infonya... Makasih...

agak susah sih bro klo di Indo, tapi pernah liat di situs Toyzhunt[.]com, coba aja tanya admin nya

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