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MSIA Devil Gundam Review

It's been a while since my last review about my toys : MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom Review and you now that my post is just to share toys that not mine, it is just to make an article that share hobbies. Recently I waste my time to build Toys and Hobbies become what I want made me forgot the joy of blogging. I want my blog to be like my first blog or my friends blog that share the same hobbies with me. Really admire them and I want to be like them. Maybe I did not have much fund to buy every single toy what I want like them, maybe not now because I am still try my best to find a job. Well I think Hobby is not only to buy them but also to love and share it eventhough this is not yours. Whoooa I think this is enough and let us continue for the review ^^v.

MSIA Devil Gundam

This is the second review about my latest post Mobile Fighter Devil Gundam, the most beautiful MSIA gundam action figures that I ever had. thanks again to Mr. Dennis for allowed me to buy and had this gorgeous Devil Gundam in my showcase. The box of this toys is big too, If you want to see the box please visit it here. Now I will just only share a little picture about this Mobile Armor Devil Gundam because the Mobile Fighter Devil Gundam has been reviewed already.

MSIA Devil Gundam

From those pictures, you can see the mobile armor devil gundam has eight feet and two tweezers at the front. Actually I didn't know how to say it, the review was based my opinion so please correct me if I'm wrong. Those two tweezer have missile inside, and you can shoot them by open the tweezers mouth. I can say that sure like a kid toys LOL. Those eight feet make the Devil Gundam stand approximately 15 cm, and of course it was very heavy to carry.

MSIA Devil Gundam

The paint job is well taken, it was the standart quality for an old MSIA line from Bandai. I saw no seamline here but only a little spilling paint that can be removed by zippo flighter fluid or hobby tinner. I am just not statisfied with the color, maybe someday I just have to repaint it. For the articulation, you can move the body around well and also the hands eventhough the shoulder blocking the way to lift the hands. The hard part is in the feet articulation, it is a little rough to pose the Devil Gundam because the feet join always separated easily. I think that's all from me, maybe I will share more about this MSIA Devil Gundam. Hope that you like my post here.


This MSIA is huge and look majesty. Thank you for reviewing it which I didn't have the chance. It's a real rare toy nowadays. Cheers!

it's true it was a super rare now,, I will save it with all my heart sir :D

suka ma gundam ya, masa kecil yang menyenangkan :)

btw, any award for you, take it, no:15, in my home, thanx :

cool stuff :D yeah I miss Old MSIA era they are awesome back then for pre-build Gundam

@ari & bopfive5
thanks bro

iya bro, tp ini bukan mainan anak kecil lho :D

I though the same way as you did sis

yo ku rasa cam nak beli kau punya.Kalau boleh offer RM berapa?I feel like buying your toy(in fact action figure).If can RM how much?

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