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MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom Review

After several days have been hiatus, I decided to manage a review about my toy. Actualy Toys and Hobbies much told about toys and figures on the store or still in pre order state, it is because I did not had much figures to review LOL. This time I would like to share about my MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz series that I bought at Capsule Corporation, Surabaya - Indonesia. I was a little surprised to found a few bunch of MSIA on the corner in that figure store. Those MSIA box was a bit old actually, well MSIA line was an old released too. If I recall there are MSIA Gundam Shining, MSIA Sandrock custom, MSIA Gundam Nataku, and others which I did not remember. Well I think I was lucky to found this thing and bought it for my sake.

MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom

The Gundam Sandrock, one of the five Gundams created for Operation Meteor, was designed primarily for ground combat in desert regions. Even after being upgraded for space combat, the remodeled Sandrock Custom remains essentially a close-combat mobile suit, whose only significant weapons are its huge, armor-melting heat shotels. It is fashioned after an ancient Ethiopian weapon, the Heat Shotels are superheated blades that melt and cut through enemies. To protect it from long-range attacks, the Sandrock Custom can don a protective set of optional armor, which also appears to shield it from the heat of atmospheric re-entry.

MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom

Bandai's MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom Action Figure is a real delight, especially at this price. This is a completed toy which is there's no need to assembly or painting, but still if you did not statisfied you can repaint it. It is fully posable, and made of rugged PVC to handle plenty of interstellar combat action. As you can see at the picture above, it comes with cloth cape, Heat Shotels, booster pack and two different sets of interchangeable hands to hold it all. But I still did not use the alternative hands because it was hard to unpluged the actual hands.

MSIA Gundam Sandrock CustomMSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom

After unboxing the figure, I tried to posed it realy hard to make it stand in a cool ways. This is the best that I can do based on the photo taken. It has a nice design and the detail was good too for an old toys. I knew the articulation did not worked in a good ways, but the way it stand was awesome for me. There was still seamline everywhere but I realy enjoyed this dude in my hand. When I put the heat shotels at the backpack, it makes a good look too. I did not be able to released the actual hands, and I was afraid to forced it too. So I can't give you the picture when it hold the heat shotels.

MSIA Gundam Sandrock Custom

The figure comes with cloth cape or it called diffusing cloak that featured only in the OVA Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, it is a piece of material with anti-beam coating that is able to take a few beam shots before disintegrating. This cloth cape was smooth and soft. The photo scene was epic, I love the Sandrock custom in this pose. It looked like the assassin in the desert, maybe I must try to buy the 1/100 HG Gundam Sandrock Custom for a better look. But the MG will do better if it is released soon. This is my little review and I am very sorry if you did not statisfied with this. I was just enjoying to share about this figure with you because it hard to find the MSIA Sandrock Custom review in google. If you interested with this figure you can go buy it in amazon : Gundam MSIA Endless Waltz Gundam Sandrock Custom Figure.


Indeed a very detail review and those Heat Shotels of Sandrock Custom really kickass! The toy is well preserved even after so long.

whoooa thanks sir,, still learn for reviewed thing, thanks to you I made up my mind for this MSIA

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