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Iron Man Helmet Set

Woow this is the greatest chance for those who will be able to attend The Comic-Con 2011. They will stand a chance to pick up this Limited Iron Man Helmet Set. The Sideshow Collectibles with Marvel Comics sure bring you the most great Iron Man Helmet Set as a 2011 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. The replicas were crafted in 1:3 Scale which means the head almost big as an apple. It include Mark V, Mark VI, and War Machine and of course the features LED light-up was apply in their eyes. What a great replicas that will show perfectly in your room. The helmet set is individually painted and finished with the undoubted skill from Sideshow Collectibles, it means the quality and the detail are the best for any collectors. 

Iron Man Helmet Set

As we all now The Iron Man is a superhero from the Marvel comics Universe, Toys and Hobbies has been posted the Iron Man Mark II Armor Unleashed before. Iron Man is created and Used by Tony Stark, not only the billionaire industialist but also the genius inventor who were kidnapped and forced to build a mass destruction weapon. He refused it and secretly builds a high-tech suit of armor using his intelligence and ingenuity. After all the problematica that he passed, Tony start to use his powerful armor and begin to protect the world as Iron Man.

The War Machine is first created from Iron Man Mark II that modificated by James Rhodes, an old friend of Tony Stark. Actually Rhodey really want to use Iron Man armor that can make him flying, of course he was a combat pilot after all. The War Machine was a supporting character in Iron Man.

Iron Man Helmet Set

That's it folks, a little explanation about this product. This Iron Man Helmet Set only released in 1200 pieces, it is limited item. Well for you who wasn't be able to attend The Comic-Con 2011, you still has a chance to preorder this item. Simply to go visit the Sideshow Collectibles page and preorder yours. You can visit from here : Iron Man Helmet Set.


dimana buku tamunya ini yaa ? ('S')?

disini udah betul kok mas :D
thanks dah mampir ya

1/3 scale seems pretty big too! They will compliment well putting beside Hot Toys 12" Ironman figure.

ummm if only I get one too >_<

wah.. wah ... keren
sayang anak saya perempuan :)

hehe buat saya aja mba' :D

more cool again .is that mask can be helmet for motorcycle,but is madaki.madaki from palembangkan .recognice me near prambanan java.

hahaha nope, it can't be bro,, because the scale of this replica is 1:3, so it is not fit in our head :D
madaki means masa sih or are you sure in english :D

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