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Captain America Life Size Bust

The interest in Captain America is not just limited only to the fans but also for some reason this blog also involved as well. It was right, Toys and Hobbies again comes with the Captain America series. For your information, this blog has been posted same superhero in different toyline. For action figure line, we have Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figure and Hottoys Captain America The First Avenger for the 1/6 scale action figure line. This time, Allow me to show you Captain America Life Size Bust for the Life Size Bust line.

Captain America Life-Size Bust

Joining the army and support the America is Steve Rogers ambition. He was really frustrated when he was rejected, it is because his weak body and physical limitations. But Steve's determination has been noticed by General Chester Phillips that offered him a spot in a top secret government experiment. The Top Secret Government Experiment was called "Operation: Rebirth." His body was injected with chemicals, a mixture called the_ 'Super-Soldier Serum,' which increased his strength, senses, and agility. His new powers allow him joining the trained in all forms of military combat and tactics, and was equipped in the colors of the American flag. Steve serves his country on the battleground as Captain America, the living phenomenon of Freedom!

Captain America Life-Size Bust

Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Comics proudly present the Captain America Life Size Bust in celebration of America's Independence Day. The Captain America Life Size Bust stand approximately 24 inch or 60 cm. The scale was similar in size to real human like us, it is a perfect addition to any Marvel collection. You can see another collection in the form of Life Size Bust, Carnage Life Size Bust. Or you just can pay a visit to Sideshow to count you in, just simply click the link below for the main site.
PreOrder Captain America Life-Size Bust now.


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That's to big for normal collection. Wonder if there's a Marvel museum in this corner of the earth that house all these statues of Super Heroes?

I've seen Iron Man life-size bust once in one of the store in my town, in it's sure really big for the replica,,

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