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HGFC God Gundam Review

It's been a while since the last time I posted my Gundam Review, at that time I was sharing you my SD Devil Gundam Phase Shift Mode and MSIA Devil Gundam Review. Today is a lovely day to write a new post, but since I run out of ideas, my friend offer me his review. I am glad to hear that, because it is related with the G Gundam series. This is HGFC God Gundam Review reviewed by Volticedekaizer aka Ivan. It is just a simple review about his interest building HGFC 1/144 Gundam kit.

HGFC God Gundam Review

This is the main Gundam from G Gundam Series, since I've posted a review about her teammate HGFC Nobell Gundam Review too. This is a good chance to reveal the main gundam with a honest story from the owner. Ivan is one of the G Gundam series fans, he really happy with the released of this series into a HGFC Gundam Modelkit series from Bandai. Of course he start with the main player, God Gundam and he really wanted to own the HGFC Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki which will be released on August this year. He was also a fans of Devil Gundam too, well we share same hobby then.

HGFC God Gundam Review

Back with the review, Lets start with the proportion first. This kit design was awesome, if you saw it from the picture, you migh not tell if it was MG or HGFC. Well the design and proportion of this kit was awesome in this scale. The color of this Gundam was perfectly matched and it was really nice color. Since the MG God gundam was an old release, but the articulation were the best in that era. Bandai put that articulation in this kit too, you can pose any of God scene like in the anime. Don't forget his backpack was a core lander with the cockpit for the pilot inside.

HGFC God Gundam Review

Building the HGFC 1/144 God Gundam is very exciting, this is the enjoyment building the Bandai product especially for the new one. This gundam model kit comes with an interchangeable hand such as the burning hand that you can see in the second picture. Since it was using bare fist while fighting, it does have beam sword which all Gundam have too and there's no need for another weapon. It was a simple story, but it is enough to describe the whole kit. Overall this kit is worth to buy, you can find it in your hobbies store or Amazon, HLJ, Ebay, etc. Thanks for reading my HGFC God Gundam Review, see you soon.


Truly does look like its MG counterpart from afar. This just proves how much the HG series has improved over the years.

Bandai sure pays attention with 1/144 scale to improved it much better nowadays :)

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thanks bro :)

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I didn't the the kit but is keeping the vintage toy. The Gundam has unique design and attack moves.

G gundam is FC era, and sure it has an unique design and attack moves :)

support... real ciss for you today :)

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