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HGFC Nobell Gundam Review

Since I did not have a new kit to review, I told my friends if they have a new kit to make a little review so I can make it into the post in Toys and Hobbies with their permission. First of all, many thanks for GSMarcel to made a little review about this kit. although this review is in my language, I try to translate it into English with all the best I can do. So if you feel like you do not understand my post, please forgive me >_<. I just a man who love collecting toys like the others. Hope you enjoy my little review.

This time Toys and Hobbies presents 1/144 Scale HGFC GF13-05ONSW Nobell Gundam Future Century Construction Kit bought by GSMarcel aka Gumul. This is the second kit in the HGFC (Future Century) scale after the HGFC God Gundam released. Nobell Gundam is God Gundam's companion from G Gundam anime series. Designed not only to look feminine, but also to pose and move in a feminine way. Plastic "ribbons" are used for the hair as well as the Beam Sabers, and you can even recreate famous scenes from the "G Gundam" anime.

Piloted by 17 year old Allenby Beardsley who represents Neo Sweden. Known as Noble Gundam in the English version. The key feature of the Nobel Gundam is the Berserker System, which allows the Gundam and its fighter to fight at 120% of their potential, but the fighter goes into a berserker rage as a result. After a tag team match with God Gundam against Bolt Gundam and Neo Canada's Lumber Gundam, Neo Hong Kong's Prime Minister Wong Yunfat kidnaps Allenby and obtains the Nobel Gundam and has both infected with DG Cells. During the finals on Lantau Island, Nobel Gundam transforms into one of the four kings of the Devil Gundam, the Walter Gundam. However, Rain Mikamura arrives in the Rising Gundam and defeats the Walter Gundam and saves Allenby.

The worst thing about G Gundam series and like V, W, and X Gundam series is the size. Because those series always a litle small than other Gundam series such as Gundam Seed series, etc. Nobell Gundam is smaller than God Gundam, you can not expect too much about it.

After unboxing the kit, it was not take a too long to finish this kit just with a snapfit build way. To make it more neat All we can do is to remove the nub when it cut out from the plastic runner. Well of course the seamline would be seen because it was just snapfit.

The plus aspect of the kit is the articulation was more than perfect for a 1/144 scale model kit. Especialy for the legs part that made you can pose and move like in the anime. Each Gundam in G Gundam series mostly use fist and bare handed when fighting. That is why the articulation made this gundam more thant perfect to do anything she wants. The Nobell Gundam does not need much linning and you will get a litle sticker to attach in this kit. The white stand is included in this kit to make you can pose the air pose. And of course it comes with alternate hands to make you can pose it in different ways.

The minus aspect of this kit was the small size that made you thinked more for always posing it with God Gundam, so it will match perfectly. The hair articulation will easily fall because there are no PC part in this section. And the last was it cost to much for this kit since it is a new line beside the real grade.

Nobell Gundam joined the family.

That is a little review about 1/144 Scale HGFC GF13-05ONSW Nobell Gundam Future Century Construction Kit.I hope you statisfied enough with this review and do not hesitate to buy this good at Amazon. Thank you for your attention and many thanks for always come to this blog.


Nobell & God Gundam like best when put side by side. The scene when God Gundam carrying the damaged Nobell in his arms is epic.

that was the legendary scene :D

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