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Medicom RAH Alphonse Elric

Edward Elric always accompanied by his younger brother in his journey in Fulmetal Alchemist. They were together since the beginning to complete the mission restoring their bodies back. The younger brother name is Alphonse Elric, in his armor form turn into the Medicom RAH Alphonse Elric who always completely match with his older brother, Medicom RAH Edward Elric. Medicom Toy can't forget this one, Alphonse is always kickin' ass with his gunmetal-colored steel armor body.

Alphonse Elric, usually called Al, is also a victim of the failed Human Transmutation experiment they did in the past, you can see a little story HERE. Al must live his life as a soul alchemically bound to a large suit of steel armor because his entire physical being taken away from that insident. But Al is not giving up a hope, he with his brother travels in search of the legendary Philosopher's Stone that can bring back their bodies to normal.

The Medicom RAH Alphonse Elric comes with awesome detail, it represents to his appearence in anime and the movies. The helmet is adorned with a conical horn in the middle of the forehead, it has a fang motif just above the protruding chin too. It also has a ribbon of white hair at the top of the helmet. The red Flamel is also places on the left shoulder, signifying Alphonse's tutelage under the master alchemist, Izumi Curtis. Well I am pretty sure Medicom Toy also make a small alchemical rune drawn in Edward's blood inside Al's empty armor, because this is the core of Al lifes.

Well after all, the Medicom RAH Alphonse Elric will wasted without his brother, Medicom RAH Edward Elric. As you can see, this is really an perfect loot for the fans. It will completely enter with your collections, absolutely with the new design and detail from Medicom Toy. Do not hesitant to much, just click your mouse on the Preorder button, many places you can visit such as Sideshow Collectibles, HLJ, etc.


The soul in this tin armor is awesome. This is so far the nicest action figure of Edward Elric I have seen till date.

the two brother look great when they together, and indeed ed looks cool this time

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