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Medicom RAH Edward Elric

After finished with the Mini Light Tent Tutorial, Toys and Hobbies will share about next release product from the latest anime and manga Fullmetal Alchemist. And this is A brand new Medicom RAH Edward Elric from the new FMA movie, The Sacred Stars of Milos. I bet that you already knew when those title were mentioned. It is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood for the title in their anime. About the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who want to bring back their bodies after a disastrous failed experiment to return their mother back to life with a forbidden alchemy.

Medicom RAH Edward Elric

The result of this failed experiment made Edward have to pay with his left leg and Alphonse's entire body. Edward suffered to loss not only his mother but also his brother too. He decide to sacrificed his right arm to put Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor. A few days later, an alchemist named Roy Mustang visited the Elric brothers, and told Edward to become an alchemist of the State Military of the country to find a way to return their bodies. That's why Edward's left leg and right arm were replaced with automail, created by his close family friends Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako.

Medicom RAH Edward Elric

A little story for you who don't know or maybe forgot about Fullmetal Alchemist. Now Medicom Toy and Sideshow Collectibles has announce the outstanding collectible figures of Medicom Toy Corporation. They present the brothers again From the acclaimed Japanese manga and anime FullMetal Alchemist in the form of 1/6 scale action figures. This is the second version of this RAH Edward Elric because Medicom toy has already released those brothers in the past.

Medicom RAH Edward Elric

The characteristic Automail on his right arm and leg have been perfectly reproduced. Also for the outfit he usually wear, the red coat material were better this time. Of course he were cool in his black suit include the shirt, pants, and shoes. Just spot-on for the head sculpt, it represent how mature he was now. Medicom RAH Edward Elric includes numerous option hands, so you can recreate your favorite scenes from the upcoming movie!

Medicom RAH Edward Elric

How about the inside part, yes they sure gave all their best to made this RAH looks like the real one in the movie. the automail booth are fantastic, just look at the detail. The figures comes with a weapon created by his alchemy, an interchangeable blade in his right hand. It also comes with the Silver watch which he always carying in his pocket, it is the proof of an state alchemist. The next post is up for his younger brother, Medicom RAH Alphonse Elric.


a very detailed sculpt this time around. Although its one of my fav anime, the price of 12" figures are just out of my budget for now.

sure it was bro, but the preOrder price is cheaper than the instock price :)

yeah. but still.. haha. I would rather buy HT iron man series with that kind of money. hehe!

well, I totally agree with you for this point haha :D

I haven't watch the anime but have heard a lot of positive words on the anime. One anime that's in my watch list.

you better watch this anime for sure bro, because this RAH look tasty to collect :D

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