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Gambit Premium Format Figure

When I saw this character, I always loved it whatever it takes. In my opinion, Gambit is the best and handsome character ever in X-Men. I realy like him, that is why I liked to post about Gambit eventhough already post the Gambit Fine Art Statue by Kotobukiya version. Now I like to share another gambit statue, The Gambit Premium Format figure with the stunning looks of the classic MARVEL character.

This statue have another backstory from the previous Gambit statue, maybe the difference is only from the way it written. Remy LaBeau, better known as Gambit is an orphan that growing up on the streets by the Thieves' Guild of New Orleans. He is a wanderer with his mutant ability to charge objects with explosive energy and also as a master thief. He use his ability using his kinetically charged playing cards and telescopic bo staff, his power was so great that it was often uncontrollable.

Gambit made his journey and mixed up with another mutant until he met Storm, a member of the X-Men, who took the outlaw to Professor Xavier and sponsored his induction into the X-Men. There he fell in love with Rogue, a tormented relationship that would resurface time and again in the years to come. This Gambit Statue will perfectly matched with Rogue Premium Format Figure, just like the picture below.

The Gambit Premium Format Figure is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The hand-tailored fabric costume features a wire-hemmed coat for a customizable display. Every Gambit figure features two interchangeable portraits, representing the changes in Gambit's appearance through the years. The Interchangeable head with long hair made a calm and collected expression. But the second one with short hair and cigarette made a slightly more aggressive expression.

Actually this item was sold out at Sideshow Collectible, but do not worry for those who are willing to have this great statue. You can find it at Amazon site, Just click on the image below to grab yours or simply visit this link SIDESHOW X-MEN GAMBIT PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE STATUE 20" TALL LIMITED EDITION



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