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GFFN Gundam Full Armor Unicorn

I feel like doing a review about Gundam Unicorn after watching 3 episodes of the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn anime. As you know that this is the latest Gundam anime so far. few reviews about this unicorn. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (機動戦士ガンダムUC ユニコーン) is a novel by popular Japanese author Harutoshi Fukui. The novel takes place in Gundam’s Universal Century timeline.

GFFN RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Face The novel begins in U.C. 0001, at the very beginning of human space colonization, with the Laplace Incident, a major event that influences the course of human history forever. The main story takes place in UC 0096, three years after the events of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack” and 27 years before “Gundam F91”.

The story revolves around Banagher Links, a seemingly normal boy living and going to school in the space colonies. His life changes one day when he meets a girl named Audrey Burne. Little does he know that this encounter will entangle him in a conspiracy revolving around a new Gundam and an adventure beyond imagination.

Now, instead of the usual gundam unicorn. I was more interested in Gundam Full Armor Unicorn GFF Next Generation Action Figure because this Unicorn is awesome. As you can see it is in Destroy Mode with Green frame, the usual Gundam Unicorn was Red Frame. The fact is it cannot transform between the Unicorn mode and destroy mode, so this is the actual form from this toys. It is realy looks like Model kit because there are no die-cast parts attached in this action figures.

Lets hear what The Product Description said. Introducing mecha designer Hajime Katoki's most ambitious endeavor yet. The ultimate portrayal of the ultimate for Gundam Unicorn form- Full Armor Unicorn Gundam. Staying true to the series Tamashii Nations is proud to further evolve the next generation of collectable robot figurines. Figure will employ clear parts over green psycho frame, and a matted white frame. Comes with precisely replicated propellant tanks, and a full array of accessories- interchangeable hand parts, rifle, 3 shields, 2 bazookas, and full armament array as well as a specialized stand. Full Unicorn Gundam stands slightly under 6-inches tall and is made of quality plastic.

The Full Armour Unicorn Gundam comes with a ton of accessories. This is what you get when you unboxing it.

● One Beam Magnum – Highly customized beam rifle
● Three pairs of Beam Gatling Gun – one pair can be separated
● Three shields – one shield can be closed and expanded
● Backpack with attachments to assemble all parts to for the Full Armour mode
● Pair of missile pods for the legs
● Pair of Hyper Bazookas
● Pair of long boosters
● Pair of Beam Sabers – 4 Beam saber handles are included but only 2 beam attachments
● Display stand

Well the overall of this GFFN action figures was excellent and perfect for you collections. The price of this toys maybe a bit scarce but the price were suitable with what offered from this action figures. you can get this Gundam Full Armor Unicorn GFF Next Generation Action Figure from Amazon Stores.


this gundam is indeed cool and very much up for display purposes and not really for playing. The price is steep, as do all GFFNs, but it might drop in the future. Just like the Aile Strike and Z-II. hehe

Definitely a cool Gundam figure will great detail. One that I will consider if I have spare cash.

are u sure the price will drop ?
I'm afraid it will be a rare one like the others GFF.. actualy I want to buy this but still think of the price >_<

me too bro T T,, to much money to bring this good in our storecase

saya lg pengen punya unicorn gundam..

RG MG pa HG,hrg brp nih? jgn mahal2 dong..

wah klo ini bukan mokit bro,, ini GFFN action figure nya,, ukuran nya 1/144 dan harganya mahal pastinya,,

as you saw, I just got this today myself. It is even more stunning when you hold it in your greedy little hands.

To any GFF fan, you have to add this to your collection

I can't wait to grab it too bro,, this is worth to collect

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