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Marvel Select Red Hulk Action Figure

Being busy with statue and Japanese figure made me forgot there are still much of new released toys especially in Action Figure toyline. My reviews about action figure still very little but one of them was a popular posts by readers, my latest post about Captain America The First Avenger Movie Action Figure. Thanks for all of the visitor who always visiting here and sometimes leave a comment, it is really help me to build Toys and Hobbies become more favored by you. Now I would like to make a post about Marvel Select Red Hulk Action Figure from Diamond Select Toys.

Marvel Select Red Hulk Action Figure

The Red Hulk is similar with my latest post about Marvel Select Incredible Hulk Action Figure, but it has red color indeed. It features a different head sculpt. A mysterious agenda-motivated character, the Red Hulk is remarkable in that he uses enormous strength alongside undiminished faculties and a resourceful intellect. He severely crush to bits the Abomination before killing the latter with a customized S.H.I.E.L.D.-issue gun. He hangs blokade to Tony Stark’s S.H.I.E.L.D. The Red Hulk destroyed all archives and everything related to him. He fights against the monstrous blue-skinned A-Bomb before the main event to confronted by the Green Hulk.

The Marvel Select Red Hulk Action Figure stands approximately 10” tall with 14 points of articulation, and you got a display base made by a rubble-strewn. The Red Hulk is based upon the artwork of Ed McGuiness, utilizing the Marvel Select Incredible Hulk mold. Still hasn't got one ? just click and visit Amazon : Marvel Select: Online Exclusive 'Red' Hulk Action Figure


Bad luck for Bruce Banner having fierce father-in-law that transforms to the Red Hulk. A figure that's worth the money for it's massive matter put in.

you can say that again bro :D

I only know the green Hulk. wow! a red Hulk! haha! so interesting! when i see this red one, i cannot help laughing because of its lovely appearance. although it is same with the green one, i think this red one is much more interesting!

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