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Cyclops Modern Statue

I love X-Men, of course I also like almost all the superheroes characters from the Marvel Comics. That is why Toys and hobbies blog will discuss each member of the X-Men figures soon enough and will start from the front line leader of the X-Men. We know that Scott Summers has been at the forefront of the battle for mutant equality and to save humanity from the depredations of evil mutants from the first day of X-Men. Now the heir to Professor Xavier's vision of a world where humankind and mutantkind can live together in peace, Summers leads the X-Men as Cyclops, It is because of the ruby-red visor he must wear to keep his mutant power from the concussive energy shot from his eyes.

When he still young, Scott Summers endured a traumatic head injury after his family's plane fall down. Only Scott and his brother Alex survived the crash, and as a findings, Scott was unable to control his mutant powers himself. Because the death of their parents, The two boys was separated. Alex was adopted, but Scott remained comatose in a hospital for a year. Scott found himself was placed in an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska, which was secretly controlled by his future enemy - the evil geneticist Mister Sinister.

Eventually, a teenage Scott came into the foster care of Jack Winters, a mutant criminal known as the Jack O'Diamonds. After Scott began to suffer from severe headaches, he found out that lenses made of ruby quartz can solve the problem. Soon after, Scott's mutant power first erupted from his eyes as an uncontrollable blast of optic force. The blast demolished a crane, causing it to drop its payload toward a terrified crowd. Scott saved lives by obliterating the object with another blast, but believed he had tried to kill them, bystanders rallied into an angry mob, and Scott was forced to flee.

Winters sought to use Scott's newfound talent in his crimes and abused the boy when he initially refused. However, Scott's display of power had attracted the attention of the mutant telepath Professor Charles Xavier, who teamed up with F.B.I. agent Fred Duncan to find Scott. Scott was rescued from Winters' clutches and enlisted by Xavier as the first member of his newly formed team of young mutants whose mission was to bring about human/mutant equality. Becoming known as Cyclops, Scott was made deputy leader of the team - the X-Men.

Cyclops possesses the mutant ability to project a beam of concussive, ruby-colored force from his eyes. Cyclops's eyes are no longer the complex organic jelly that utilizes the visible spectrum of light to see the world around it. Instead, they are inter-dimensional apertures between this universe and another, non-Einsteinian universe, where physical laws as we know them do not pertain.
This non-Einsteinian universe is filled with particles that resemble photons, yet they interact with this universe's particles by transferring kinetic energy in the form of gravitons (the particle of gravitation). These particles generate great, directional concussive force when they interact with the objects of this universe.

Bowen Designs presents this Cyclops Modern statue standing approximately 12 inches tall. This classic marvel statue is sculpted by Khurram Alavi (digital sculpture). These high-quality, detailed collectibles feature your favorite Marvel characters as they appear in a wide range of comics. The Cyclops Modern Statue is sculpted here in great detail, intricately crafted and cast in heavyweight polystone. This museum quality collectible is the perfect addition to any Marvel collection!

Bowen Designs


this version of cyclops is identical to the on-going X-men anime.

I though so too,, realy loves X-men anime for real :D

Cyclops is one the few X-men characters which I know especially his optic blast. I like X-men at the beginning of the storyline before it gets to complex seasons after seasons.

same with you, I just like the Old X-Men where cyclops and wolverine are the main even :D

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